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The HydroCycles WaveWalker®

Floats like a boat... Pedals like a bike...

Goes like a bat outta' HELL!

The All NEW WaveWalker® is the result of years of collaboration between marine engineer Harry Howard; 1996 U.S. Olympic kayak designer, Andras Toro; and Nissan Design International, one of the country's premier design centers. 

Realizing the vulnerability of a fixed skeg and prop assembly on earlier versions of the WaveWalker®, Harry Howard completely re-designed the hull around an all-new self-contained retractable Drive Assembly. The handling and stability of a central mounted propeller drive system are why the WaveWalker is like nothing else!

"A lot of things I used to love about cycling, such as fresh air and safe, fun places to ride, have disappeared. With the WaveWalker, I have re-discovered the real pleasures of biking."
--- John Howard (biking legend and converted water cyclist)
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